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Certainly many of you you have thought to travel to Amsterdam in your next vacations. I imagine that at this point you will be planning all the visits that you are going to do in the city. Museums, galleries of art, monuments, cruises by the channels, strolls by the historical center… Amsterdam is a city that boasts to all this and much more.

Nevertheless, you are at least to make some trip by the environs. I would recommend to you that, if you have time, you left a day for it. Thus you leave a little Amsterdam, and you see other landscapes, new people, and savor the true enchantment of a country like Holland, that far from it begins and finishes in Amsterdam.

From Amsterdam you can acercaros to the capital of the country, The Hague, and to visit, between many other things, the Park of Madurodam, that many define as the own city of Amsterdam, but in pequeñito. It is really an ideal place if you travel with children.

Utrecht is another one of the great escapes that you can plantearos do. A city with a special enchantment. It really does not have a great artistic patrimony, but that simplicity is the one that charmer does. Sentaros in the terraces of some of its cafeterias and bars, and to enjoy to see pass the life with total tranquility.

Less known, but than they deserve an essential visit in your Amsterdam trips well, are the towns of Volendam and Marken. One is the typical Dutch towns to which usually it saves any inhabitant of Amsterdam to spend a weekend pleasant. From the Centraal Station they divide buses to Volendam, that take to you there hardly in thirty minutes. Besides its colorful streets, pararos to prove perhaps the best herring of Holland, and perhaps of Central Europe.

If it agrees your day of escape in Saturday, nothing better than acercaros until Gouda and its cheese market in the central place. Whether you like the cheese as if no, she will enchant to you. There are them to very cheap prices, and colorful and the tradition that is breathed in the place is excellent. Perderos by its historical center and to enter the stores to buy its traditional wood little figures.

As you see these are only some of the many possibilities that you must to spend a day of excursion through the environs of Amsterdam. It is necessary to consider this possibility if you are going to spend some days in the city. All is closely together, and can cross them perfectly whether rents a car as if you go in public transport.

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