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Floating house Cecilia

I imagine that you know that Amsterdam counts on a series of channels by which you can take a walk, making small cruises, very romantic, and from which to contemplate panoramic a different one from the city.

But, you knew that in Amsterdam there are also floating houses. Yes, small boats that work as a lodging and that can be reserved.

Today we want to you to invite to know one these floating houses, that are known with the name of Cecilia. Perhaps for many it is the more luxurious house floating of Amsterdam, an authentic whim that you can daros if you are of tourism this way. A floating house with kitchen totally equipped, furnace, worktop of gas, refrigerator and dishwasher, besides hall with hungry table, chairs and sofas.

As far as the dormitory the truth is that he is very ample and extensive, with a double bed. But she is more, Cecilia counts on another dormitory, for one or two people, located to the entrance of the boat, reason why altogether could sleep in her five people maximum. It is necessary to say that this floating house altogether has about 95 squared meters, besides a terrace of ten meters squared with three banks. In addition, if it is cold in cover, there is a gas heater available.

Soon taken care of at the time of acceding to the interior of the floating house, since the stairs are a little lofty. In the entrance you can leave your shelters, purses, luggage, etc…

In order to be able to reserve this house you will see floating it located in the famous Prinsengracht channel, in the district of Jordaan, in center historical of Amsterdam. The prices of the rent are in 220 Euros per night for two, three or four people, and 250 Euros per night for five people. There are discounts as of three nights of stay.

Perhaps that is to say, for a single pair he is a little expensive, but you go at least five, by only 50 Euros the night you can daros a wonderful whim in Amsterdam. To remember its name, Floating House Cecilia, a unique opportunity.

Photo Via Kobason

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