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We today know the city of Emmen, located in the province of Drente, to the northeast of the Netherlands. A place that essentially is known mainly by its famous Zoological one Emmen, perhaps of the best ones of Central Europe.

There you will be animal of all type, since it counts on an African savannah, a tropical jungle covered and an Asian landscape.

This zoological one attracts the year to more of a million and average one of tourists, reason why it has become the main center of interest of the city. It was begun to construct in the decade of 1930, but absolutely it was not concluded until 1970.

But Emmen not only is its zoological one, but also it has other places of interest. It is necessary to say that history, and mainly the growth of Emmen, did not take place but something after World War II, reason why you are going away to find a city quite modern, with some raised districts does very few years.

Of all ways, the lovers of the historical cities also you will have something to see in Emmen, like the church of the place of the market, that dates from the Average Age. Other interesting buildings are the Post office or the Court of Justice, both of beginnings of century XX.

Certainly the lovers of music metal, or at least some of them, you know Emmen, since in her the Emmen Festival is celebrated every year Metal. This year will be carried out next the 8 of May of the 2010, in the Theater of Muzeval, and in which they will participate up to thirteen bands heavy. You the tenth thing so that you in time watch and you reserve your hotels in Emmen.

As you see, Emmen is a city to which you can be escaped to do something of tourism we say that unusual by Holland, crossing it with a good car rental. Close or of the border with Germany, it is an ideal destiny to go with children, thanks to his zoological one, or if you have thought to go to its festival of music.

Photo Via Netherlands Hotel

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