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airport of Schiphol

If váis to Holland probably yours first taking of contact is with the airport of Schiphol in Amsterdam, one of the most modern airports of Europe, besides comfortable and clean, turn that it into the quarter by traffic of passengers, and into the third party of Europe in traffic of loads, after Frankfurt and Paris.

Like a good part of Holland, the lands on which one is based were won to the sea, in which formerly it was a lake in the zone of Haarlemmermeer to polder. That one same system of channels that formerly defended the city, had like essential part to “Fort Schiphol?, an air base that was inaugurated the 16 of September of the year 1916, and that would constitute the heart than at the moment is the airport of Schiphol.

Peculiarly, this airport, that during fifteen years consecutive gained the prize to the best airport of the world by its punctuality and services, indeed has hándicap of its great amount of daily flights. And it is that this high traffic, besides the high rates of boarding, forces the small companies, which we know like low COST, to move to other smaller airports, as can be the case of those of Groningen or Rotterdam.

Once in the airport, moverte by him is simple. Not only because a great building only is and not several, as it happens in other great cities, but because everything is very well signalized and in addition, with colors. The yellow is for the counters and green for services such as the restaurants or stores, to put two examples.

Underneath the airport it is the railway station that connects all the country with services of trains that connect Schiphol with Amsterdam 24 hours to the day, ademáas of a other outer cities like Brussels or Paris.

In order to arrive at the center of Amsterdam you have several options:

- In train: already commented station it is in the subterraneans. You only must buy a ticket to Centraal Station, and take the first train that happens. They are every 15 minutes between the 6 and the 24 h. The rest of the time, passes one per hour. the trip takes about 20 minutes and is cheaper than the bus.

- In bus: hotel is service KLM bus, which does not imply that you have flown with KLM, because the truth is that this bus is for all the passengers. they leave every 30 minutes the fore door of the airport, between the 6.30 and the 15 h.

- In taxi: then like in any airport. You leave outside that there there are enough taxis. That yes, preparáos because they are expensive.

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