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City council of Leiden

One of the cities more colorful than you will be in your trip Holland is Leiden. If you have time, you do not have to fail to take advantage of the opportunity to visit it. A city crossed by the Rhine river, and that in Holland is known like Sleutelstad, or City of the Key, symbol of Leiden from century XIII.

Within Leiden there are many places of interest, but today we want acercaros to the figure of their Stadhuis, or City council of Leiden, that shows with pride the fact to have the wider Renaissance facade of the Netherlands. He was constructed in century XVI, although he underwent a deep restoration after the terrible fire of 1929.

In that century XVI Leiden it was a city that wanted to show its prosperity within the Netherlands, mainly after in 1574 the city had resisted the siege of the Spaniards, the hunger and the epidemics of plague. He was as of that time when Leiden was catalogued like city, reason why it saw itself in the necessity of the construction of a City council.

Belgian born in Ghent Lieven de Key was designed by the architect. It is really a building that surprises at first sight, with his classic forms and their slim and showy tower. You can make a visit to its interior, to know the office the mayor, the room of plenary sessions and a beautiful collection of show windows with the names of the different mayors whom Leiden has had.

What you will see almost comes everything from the deep restoration that received the building after the terrible fire that underwent the 12 of February of 1929. They tell that only the Renaissance facade could be recovered, because all the others were devastated by the flames. The new City council of Leiden could conclude in 1948, trying to recreate what was the old building.

The location of the City council also is quite interesting, since it is placed next to the new Rhine, in the Breestraat, a pedestrian street in which you will see walking much people in bicycle. The facade is enormous, and is that, besides its esthetic architectonic and its situation, the City council of Leiden is everything an emblem for the Dutch city.

Photo Via Zemistor

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