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Festival of the Channels

We already have the dates for this year of the Grachtenfestival of Amsterdam… How? , that you do not know what is the Grachtenfestival of Amsterdam.

Perhaps good, you have heard it never, but one is one of the great events of the year in the Dutch city. So that we are understood is eight days of concerts of classic music outdoors.

Some already you will be saying… bah, classic music… Yes, bah… and if tenth you who the concerts are celebrated in the channels of Amsterdam. Indeed, Grachtenfestival means the Festival of the Channels. Imaginaros Amsterdam in summer, good weather, pleasant temperature, the illuminated city at night, and gorgeous sonata of classic music sounding from the channels…

This year the festival will take place enters days 14 the 22 of August of the 2010. It will be the edition number 21, and from its beginnings grandísima has had one acceptance, becoming one of the great events of the summer in Amsterdam. The celebration aim is carried out in the channel of Prinsengracht, the 21 of August. The most privileged they will be able to attend from some boat, whereas the rest does from the bridge of the channel.

But, besides the channels, the concerts, almost a hundred, will take place in other emblematic corners of the city, like the Botanical Garden, the Central Library, the Hermitage Museum and some hotels of luxury of Amsterdam.

But everything is not simply going to be concerts of classic music. The Festival of the Channels offers during those eight days conferences, routes in boat by the channels, concerts and visits guided the most important monuments of Amsterdam. In addition, it will not either lack the infantile version of the festival, so that smallest they learn and they enjoy classic music in the zoological one as much as the Botanical Garden.

Nor that to say it has, if you want to attend the Grachtenfestival or Festival of the Channels, you must reserve the sooner to your flights and hotels in Amsterdam, since they are dates of much tourism in the city. The occasion is propitious to know the city in an atmosphere of celebration, very romantic, and with the best thing of classic music on the channels.

Photo Via SobreHolland

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