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It is not to be strange, knowing what we know Amsterdam, that this Dutch city is one of the most abiertas as far as mentality and development. Here certainly people will not watch to you over the shoulder, nor been strange, if you are a pair of gays or lesbians, and go taken of the hand or are wanted to give a kiss in the middle of the street.

Amsterdam counts with a great amount of bars and atmosphere discotheques gay, although mainly all these establishments are placed in four fundamental places: Reguliersdwarstraat, Warmoestraat, Amstel and Kerkstraat. Anyone of these places gay in Amsterdam is temples of the atmosphere.

Of four, the most popular one and more animated it is Reguliersdwarsstraat. There are very many bars, although the most known it is The Otherside, unique coffee shop gay in Amsterdam. Within this zone you have the Soho, the typical English pub of two plants, at which there are to always arrive because early full from people. Nevertheless, the atmosphere is brilliant.

Warmoestraat does not go to him to the rear to the previous one, and also it counts with a great amount of bars and nightclubs of atmosphere gay. Of all ways, it is a much more boisterous place that the previous one, reason why the best thing is to go early, to take something, and to go to us fast to Reguliersdwarsstraat.

The difference between both is based in which Warmoestraat is of an atmosphere gay much more marked. Bars in this zone you have, for example, Dirty Dicks, with a very provocative decoration. Usually he is open all the week ends until the 05,00 of the dawn.

Seemed to Warmoestraat they are the zones of Amstel and Kerkstraat, of much more provoking character. The bars of Reguliersdwarsstraat it is possible even to be entered without being gay, nevertheless in the other zones the atmosphere, so that we are understood, much more is loaded and much more focused to that thematic one. People there usually are going to bind.

So if you want to go calmly of glasses, the best option is Reguliersdwarsstraat, although if you want something more, with some dye of madness, the options are the other three zones. You already know where to go and what to choose at the time of reserving to your flights low COST in Amsterdam.

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