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Amsterdamse You

You do not know how many possibilities and alternatives it has to relax in Amsterdam after a day of tourism. To many we like to cross all the museums, the channels, the districts, the ample avenues, to throw photos to him to everything… but also are days that to us as much tourism does not desire, and we looked for something to relax the mind and to return to begin.

In Amsterdam you can make many things, from daros a relajante stroll by the channels, and that you tells everything it, until giving pedaleadas in bicycle by its streets, very calm. Nevertheless, today we want traeros some more attractive and showy options.

For example, You, something as well as the Forest of Amsterdam can approach us the Amsterdamse, that abre daily of the 1 of April to the 1 of October between the 10,30 and 19,00 hours, and to amuse us in their lake. We can as much rent to a canoe or canoe at the cost of 6 Euros the hour, or rent a water bicycle, a pedalo, by 10 Euros the hour.

Another good alternative is to go until Amstelpark, that every day abre of July and August of 10,00 to 18,00 hours, of Wednesday to Sunday between April and September, and the other days of the year Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sunday. Here what we can is to relax practicing something of golf in its golf course.

It is not necessary to be an expert in the matter to complete the 18 holes of this field. The entrance is of 8 Euros by person.

And finally, for that they cannot live without making sport during its vacations, but they are a little fed up already with the routine to leave to run all the mornings, nothing better than to swim in the swimming pools of Het Marnix. One is a great sport complex located in Marnixplein. The entrance to the swimming pool has a price of 4 Euros.

There are many more possibilities at the time of relaxing to us in Amsterdam. As you see, these are some of which we propose if already you have reserved your cheap flights to the city. Perhaps certainly some of you has been able to find others in its trips to Amsterdam. To thus you comment them us and we make a list interesting, what it seems to you.

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