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Nor that to say it has must sound typical the MacDonalds to you of all the life, no. In Holland, as it could not less be, there are also them. But no, we do not go to haceros a relation of the McDonalds that you can find in the Netherlands. We want to speak of something as well as the classic establishments to you of fast food, but in Dutch.

One is chain FEBO, very extended by all Holland, and that has a peculiar way to sell its products. It has anything to do with a romantic restaurant, neither luxurious nor nothing of that. At first, and so that we are understood, they seem automatic tellers of fast food. You go to the teller, you select the food, and they serve it to you. That simple.

This line of food began to arise in 1941. In you realize its origins were those of a pastry shop. Nevertheless, his owner, J.L Borst began to create other products, like the croquettes, turning the pastry shop into a small bar of covers. With the passage of the years one got to be of the most known Amsterdam

You can find a little whole: hamburgers, croquettes, sausages, meatballs, hojaldres of cheese… Essentially a selection of fritura for that you want to eat while you make tourism, or to take a small cover without sentaros in some terrace.

The spending machine will show a series to you of products. You choose yours, introduce the price and indicate what you want. It is necessary to consider that are hot products and other colds, so aseguraros good of which you choose.

These machines work the 24 hours of the day. She is not really any delicatessen, but for any moment of hunger, and mainly, after leaving celebration, they come wonderfully. To that hour he is not strange to find tail in front of some of the machinists.

The best thing of everything is than it is eaten very cheap, fast food for which we go then with haste, or we want to save a little. Of all ways, it is not plan to be every day with these frituras.

The most recommended they are kalfvleeskroket, or croquettes of meat, to 1.40 Euros, or kipcorn, small balls of chicken to 1.40 Euros also. Also there are cheese delights, like kaassouffle, to 1.40 Euros. In addition, to that same price, you have sandwiches, chips, croquettes with rice, vermicelli or vegetables, and until hamburgers and sandwiches.

So, if you have thought acogeros to some of the many supplies of trips that there are until Holland, at the time of eating cheap you do not doubt it with chains FEBO.

Photo Via Geert Vanneste

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