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Gondola in Utrecht

Utrecht is the classic city of the channels. To all Venice comes to us at the top, but in the Netherlands there are many places of this type. They are charming cities, very traditional, corners that must much say. it seems to me that these cities have one doubles view, the one that we see on foot of street, and the one that we can contemplate from its channels.

In Utrecht also you can give a romantic stroll in gondola, and to discover and thus understand this city from another point of view. The stroll in gondola lasts two hours. You will see the life happen through your eyes, something that do not happen in other places.

Monuments like the tower of the Cathedral of Utrecht, with its 112 meters of height, their galleries of art, the great amount of florist's that there are in the city, which gives colorful a wonderful one him.

At the time of looking for boats to make this stroll in boat by Utrecht we have in the first place the shipping company Schuttevaer, small boats with awnings and heating, reason why there is no problem if it rains, since the city can be seen from the cristaleras. In addition, each boat counts on a tour guide. The duration of the stroll is of one hour, and throughout the year there are exits hourly, and in July and August each half an hour, between the 11,00 and 17,00 hours. The exit is realized from the wharf located in the corner of Viestraat Long.

More romantic it is what we said to you before, the typical gondola, with capacity for two to six people. The stroll lasts an hour and a half approximately. The prices, that yes, are a little expensive, since for two people the price would be 47.50 Euros by person. If you can, haceros with two pairs more, and the price will leave 21 Euros to you by person, much more cheap.

The station from that they leave these gondo them is the channel of Oudegraacht. The stroll is happening, so you can daros the whim, you do not lose the opportunity.

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