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Frisian horse

You have seen the film the Mask of the Fox, carried out by Antonio Banderas and Catherine Jones Z. No, no, we have not been mistaken of blog, we only want deciros that in that one film a third Dutch protagonist were…

, Yes, yes Dutch, of Friesland, for more signs. One is concretely the horse of the Fox, that corcel black that is so characteristic of this Dutch region. Indeed the horses of Friesland are known like authentic the Rep them black. To who it likes the horses certainly will captivate themselves before the vision of these wonderful units.

In equestrian terms it is known him like the Frisian. During the Age Average era very easy to see them in almost all the fights, thanks partly to its great agility, and mainly to that by his size they allowed to take a horseman with armor without no kind of problem.

Besides their characteristic black color, without no other white mark, the Frisian horses have the long tail, and usually measure a height of 1.60 or 1.70 meters. Surely in to some other you will see them part under the name of black Belgians.

Its origin is lost at night of the times, since they are considered one of the oldest races of Europe, nevertheless have comprised of the more important schools of riding of the world. Indeed, when the Netherlands comprised of Spain, the Frisians were cruzados with the race of horses Andalusian. It is even spoken of which already the Romans mounted Frisian horses at the medieval time.

Nowadays they are very showy horses, and in more than we have seen them to an occasion in films, like which we said to you in the beginning of the Fox, or the horse Othelo de Lady Hawk, and even in recent productions like Great Alexander, the Chronicles of Narnia or 300.

Nor that to say it has today have become everything a symbol of the Dutch region of Friesland, as much by its distinguishing color by its beauty at the time of comprising of a vehicle. So, if you visit Friesland, and you are with statues of horses in some of its cities, or people that simply go to horse, you already know it. The true black Rep it of Holland.

Photo Via Would fry

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  1. Every time I am learning more and that is good, thanks to allow me to know and to culturizar to me on this country

    Commentary by David
    12-03-2010 @ 5:38 p.m.

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