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First that we must to you say it is that the traffic in Amsterdam is quite intense, mainly in center of the city. Imaginaros that, if in any other great city you must be pending of the other vehicles, in Amsterdam besides other cars, street cars and buses, must be permissive with the great amount of people who go in bicycle, reason why going with car becomes difficult.

If you arrive at Amsterdam in car, olvidaros to look for parking of the city in center. The unique thing that there is are typical parking private, but is quite expensive. It enters the entrances to museums, the food and parking, you will spend a peculiar money. The best thing is to consider the parkings that there are in the outskirts of downtown.

In addition, they are much more cheap. To park your car during a day in parking of the outskirts will leave to you by about 5 Euros, and in the majority of the occasions, they will give two tickets you of meter to arrive at the center of Amsterdam. In addition, when arriving at the center of Amsterdam you will see that it is possible to be crossed perfectly on foot.

In addition, by own experience of some friendly, he is not strange to listen to have had fines to park in center of Amsterdam. They place a trap, you cannot move the car, and the fines oscillate between the 80 and 100 Euros.

To rent a car in Amsterdam, as you see, is not very interesting, mainly itself you are going to be in favor of the city. Another thing is that you have thought to make some trip by the environs. If it is thus, you can rent it for the day that you want to go with him. The best thing is to rent it when you reserve your Amsterdam flights.

In Amsterdam the local residents already know clearly that to park they must it to the car make in the Parking Ride. Reason why, to do it without problem, mainly to the outskirts of the center, since perfectly they are communicated by public transport with the most tourist places of the city.

If you want more information on parking in Amsterdam, to go to the page Web of Inter Parking.

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