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Amsterdam is a city in which you do not have preocuparos by the public transport. It has of everything, from trains and buses, to rent of bicycles, very recommendable, and like in all great city, many taxis. In the Dutch city the taxis are identified by their blue matriculation, the legal identification card, and the yellow light of the ceiling. Eye with the illegal taxis that do not take some of these things.

It is not necessary to take a taxi if you are going to walk by the historical center of Amsterdam. Perhaps nevertheless, they are necessary if you have your hotel in the environs. In all the tourist zones, like the Place Dam, Leidseplein or Rembrandtplein there are taxi stands. If you then do not see any, to call by telephone the number of information 1888.

The maximum price of the taxis in Amsterdam is of 2.20 Euros by kilometer during the day, and 2.52 Euros at night. Nonpreocuparos by the cloggings and others, since they are not received. If you want, before subiros you can see all these prices in the card of tariffs that must take all taxi driver in rule.

If from the hotel you request a taxi, will be no extra position, but the accountant will begin to tell at the moment that you rise the vehicle. There are taxi drivers who, taking advantage of ignorance the tourists, want to acquire that extra, but you are not forced to pay it, reason why, before raising, to verify that the taximeter ignites at the moment in which you rise.

Yes you will have to pay, and the taximeter will be left runs, when you ask to him the taxi driver who stops or waits for, whether or you are within the car as before the trip. The rate of delay is of 0.55 Euros the minute. Also they have right the taxi drivers to poneros an extra rate if you take to luggage or some mascot with you. Even so, this extra tariff must appear reflected in the general tariffs that each taxi driver takes.

If after all this, you are not contentments with the received treatment, or you are not in agreement with some tariff, you can make arrive your complaint in writing at the company of taxis. In the page Web you have a form of complaints and claims. At the time of writing up to place it always the date and the hour of the trip, as well as the matriculation of the taxi.

If you want more information, the best thing is to go to the page Web of taxis in Amsterdam

Photo Via Mark & Danielle Parris

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