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House Wall, Groningen.

The city of Groningen is by many considered like the capital of the culture of the north. And like so, it cannot forget the architecture, one of the more preeminent artistic activities of any city. For that reason, the architectonic experimentation does not lack in Groningen. Thus it is that we were with buildings like which we will visit next. Peculiar, no?

The House Wall of Groningen is product of the irreverent inventiveness of John Hedjuk, designed who it in 1973. The building was not constructed but until after its death, happened in 2000, when the city of Groningen decided to make specific the project in the new residential area of Hoornse Meer.

Half marries, half artistic piece, the House Wall - well-known generally as the Wall House or the Bye House- is a showy building of three floors of organic forms and colors. The canons of the painting cubista and the surrealistic sculpture seem to cross themselves to form this work amazing, impossible to ignore.

Because of the wall as an isolated element of the internal spaces of the home arises from the interest of Hedjuk in the new espacialidad that during second half of century XX was reflected in buildings like the Pompidou Center, of France. This conception took posmodernista it to design a site in which the life flows without obstacles, and the view is not interrupted by any object.

The transition between the spaces of the House Wall is a singular experience. In the ground floor is the room, in the second plant the kitchen and the dining room and the last floor lodge the living room, contradicting the traditional order that it indicates that, the more private they are the sectors of the house, the more restricts his access.

This interesting architectonic proposal defies many of the budgets about the design and disposition of family atmospheres, and its outside reflects the deep artistic inspiration of its creator. Impossible to lose this magnificent view of the city of Groningen.

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  • Address: A.J. Lutulistraat 17, Hoornse Meerwijk, Groningen.
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