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Church of San Pedro in Leiden

I must recognize that Leiden is a city that enchanted to me. One only is to about 40 kilometers of Amsterdam, reason why it is a very rewarding excursion.

it was to me like a species of Amsterdam, in pequeñito, with its channels, its parks, but with the beauty of the views of precious mills.

Today we want to you to emphasize the Church of San Pedro de Leiden, or Pieterskerk for the Dutch ones, gothic cathedral of century XIV, concluded in the XVI, and that peculiarly was constructed in brick of pink color, as colouristic as they are the Dutch for everything.

The church in himself is the great monument, oldest of the city, and in Leiden a great devotion is had to him, mainly because in her the rest of several great personalities of the city rest.

At first sight you will see a church imposing, not very beautiful externally that we say, but very showy, with colorful the reddish one of its bricks. In century XVI it told on an enormous tower his side, one of greatest of the Netherlands, but one collapsed after a storm, and the bell was only saved, that today you can see in a small tower that there is in one of the corners of the temple.

We already said that in their interior interest monuments are conserved, like for example the organ, and the older intact tomb of Holland, to the one of the merchant Floris van Bruschuyse and his wife of century XV. It really is much more spectacular on the inside that by outside.

Of all ways, I recommend sentaros in some of the terraces, coffees or restaurants to you that there are in the colorful place in which this church rises. From any angle it turns out very interesting to contemplate this peculiar temple, in which the red brick and the memory of that one enormous tower of more than one hundred meters are two of their great attractiveness.

Photo Via Sonic Julez

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