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Rain in Amsterdam

Certainly many of you at the time of planning a trip always you watch the time that can do. When he is preferable to travel to a place or another one is something that in many case repels in our trip. We hope that with the information that we are going to give to you on the climate of Amsterdam, with respect to this city the problem no longer is so serious.

We have had the luck to enjoy Amsterdam in winter as in summer as much. Besides being a great tourist destiny, the Dutch city offers a relatively good climate to us, in comparison and so we can see in center of Europe (the crude ones are seen for example invier German to us).

In winter the temperatures can oscillate the zero degrees sometimes, and even underneath if the cold is very extreme. But, generally, the temperature will go up to around the 5-10 degrees, so a good shelter, jersey and t-shirt of long sleeve, and ready to take a walk by Amsterdam. The snowed ones are not very general. Snow can fall, yes, but neither with much intensity nor very frequently.

The summers in Amsterdam are smooth, in comparison and so we are customary in Spain. The temperatures are superiors to 20 degrees, but hardly they exceed the 30. That yes, we recommended to you that, in spite of being summer, you wear some t-shirt of long sleeve, since at night does a little fresh air. The channels of Amsterdam maintain the atmosphere humid, and since very high temperatures do not take place during the day, to you grow dark refreshes enough.

Spring and autumn are two very good times to travel to Amsterdam, not only because it is low season, and you will find cheap hotels in Amsterdam and many less tourists, but in addition by the good temperatures. In both stations, the thermometer will go up to around the fifteen degrees, reason why it is not of more clothes of jersey and long sleeve.

As far as rains, Amsterdam is a city in which it can rain perfectly in summer. It is not to be strange to be in the heat of August, and to be two or three of followed rains. Reason why, always he is very recommendable to take umbrella, or a good rain-cape with hood in your trip, even in summer season.

If you can, a day before your trip to consult with the meteorology agency to take a small idea than you will be. Amsterdam sometimes is unforseeable, mainly with showers. Thus you will not take any surprise.

By the others, there are many possibilities of traveling at any time until Amsterdam of the year. For example, a good possibility is the great amount of cheap flights to Amsterdam from Barcelona that you will find in the finders of flights.

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