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Gardens of Keukenhof

Imaginaros which can be Holland in spring, mainly in the months of April and May, when the whole country is in flower. Full fields of tulips and jacinths, especially, and all type of flowers. Colors that explode in cities like Haarlem or Gouda. What better than to take a car, or even a bicycle, and to cross Holland in spring.

One of the wonderful routes that can be made in these dates to see full fields of tulips and flowers are the 25 kilometers that separate Oude Wetering de Gouda. You will see an outbreak of colors next to another one of the great symbols of Holland, its wind mills.

Another one of the routes where the color in Holland explodes is from Gouda to Willemstad, forty kilometers of floral beauty. In this route you can go to see the famous wind mills of Kinderdijk, or the natural reserve that are between Biesbosch and Moerdijk. What yes I recommend to you is to visit the walled city of Willemstad, an authentic wonder.

One of the places that you must visit in Holland in spring is the Keukenhof Gardens, that already abre their doors at the end of March with more than six million flowers. They say the Dutch indeed that the spring arrives at Europe when these gardens are abren. Their 32 hectares of tulips, jacinths and narcissuses wait for color plenty to you. It will be necessary to go then, no.

It is necessary to say that in the limits of the park also there is a series of viewpoints on the authentic seas of colors that there are in the environs. One is true impresionist, full fields of flowers, and Lagos of swans. Always me similarity has incredible that in place like this, where it seems that the climatic conditions are not most suitable, is such magnitude of beauty in flowers.

It is necessary to be useful, since Keukenhof only abre during a month and a half, and although the entrance is a little expensive, is worth very many the pain. Like all Holland in spring. To take advantage of the occasion, that is not high season, and certainly you find cheap flights and lodgings in Holland in your finder of cheap and daros flights a escapadita.

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