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Bicycle in Amsterdam

If you are taking a walk by Amsterdam you will see monuments, colorful streets and places, channels, bridges… and many, many bicycles.

Certainly all you have an image of Amsterdam near a bicycle. Perhaps he is thus, Amsterdam is one of the best places to walk in bicycle. And if everybody does, because not you.

If you like to pedalear, and you have time, in Amsterdam it is possible to be done until with pleasure. The traffic of the city is a little intense, yes, what great European city does not have it nowadays, but the motorists respect here enough to whom she goes on two wheels. He will even get to you to surprise, because sometimes I have seen that there have been quarrels between conductors, and a cyclist has done the same, and she has not passed anything.

Clearly, there is no FIAR either, it is necessary to lead correctly, and point. Amsterdam, like furrowed by channels, is crossed by a great amount of tracks-bici. You follow if them, there will be no problem. In any office of tourism they can give pamphlets you with all the tracks-bici that there are in the environs, mainly in center historical.

That yes, we recommended to you that by the tracks bici of Amsterdam you go in Indian row. So if you go in pair, you do not put one next to the other, since there are cyclists who also come front. The best thing is to comply at least a pair from days to the city, to observe how the own cyclists circulate, and soon to rent one. Sometimes the error is committed to rent the bicycle nothing else to arrive, and we are more time watching the guide of trips that we took that another thing.

As far as the price of rent, it is clear that everything depends on the model of bicycle that you take and the time. Generally they can be around the 4 to 10 Euros per day. You consider that, between buses, meters and taxis, you would perhaps be spent more than renting one bici per day. The places easiest to go to rent bici are the Station Centraal, Leidseplein and the Dam Place.

The bicycles come with their corresponding padlock, and if you travel with children, you can rent in format tandem to them, or with a sillita in the later part. Everything so that to move in Amsterdam with bicycle it is of your total affability. If to all the they do it others, will be by something, no.

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