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From always I have liked to lose me in the enchantment of the traditional swap-meets. To much it sees it people like simple positions of trinkets, things that seem that it would not buy anybody. But, nevertheless, I would say that the traditional swap-meets comprise of the patrimony of any city, for that reason have never let pass fashionable.

He is what can be said of the swap-meets of Amsterdam. If you have the opportunity to visit this city, you do not stay yourselves simply and so at first it seems more cultural, as its museums, their channels and their galleries of art. Acercaros also to other places where to taste the popular culture of the city, besides finding luxury gangues.

In the traditional swap-meets of Amsterdam the myth of the bargaining stays to buy products. You request price, and soon to haggle over it. He is tejemaneje and the true enchantment of these places of cult. While you haggle, you do not lose of view your properties. The swap-meets of Amsterdam usually are full of tourists, which takes advantage of with good eye our “dear? pickpockets.

It is enjoyed very many in anyone these swap-meets, because you find surprises of all type. What less you imagine that can be sold, here it is. From basic products of the home, to books, jewels, crafts, antiques, works of art… There is no a day to the week in which there is not a swap-meet in Amsterdam.

Of all ways, like I know that many of you you only can go a weekend to Amsterdam, we are going to you to recommend the one that, particularly, we like more. One is the swap-meet of Waterlooplein. This swap-meet takes place of Monday to Saturday, of 09,00 to 18,00 hours, in the place of Waterloo. You must consider it as long as you have already thought your trips to Amsterdam.

The swap-meet of Waterlooplein is greatest and older of Amsterdam. As we said to you before, here you will find of everything, from beauty products, to pósters, old pictures, furniture, t-shirts, and a pile of traditional crafts of other places, mainly of Africa. Even, there are many positions with professional tatuadores, in case you want a memory of Amsterdam recorded in the skin.

What is clear is that this market and the others comprise of the cultural patrimony of Amsterdam. Therefore, you must pasaros a day that way, and to enjoy the atmosphere and a unique and genuine experience.

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