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Keukenhof gardens

You know the Keukenhof Gardens in Holland. Then one is one of the most impressive gardens, not only of the country, but I would say worldwide. One is located between the cities of Lisse and Leiden, to the south of Holland. Today we want to give some tracks to you to be able to arrive until him in public transport.

We can say beforehand to you already that we will forget a little the trains, and we will mainly consider the buses that start off from Leiden. There are direct buses until the gardens from the Schiphol Airport of Amsterdam, Leiden and The Hague. A possibility to save something of money, is to buy the ticket of bus along with the entrances.

The line of Conexxion buses is most usual and easy to use when we have thought to travel until the Gardens of Keukenhof. It is necessary to consider that these buses usually are operative at the time in which they abren to the public the gardens, around the 20 of March to the 20 of May.

Before we commented the possibility of combining the ticket of bus with the entrance to the gardens, which is called like the Combiticket. This ticket is obtained through the buses of Conexxion. The saving is minimum, sometimes even less than a Euro, but it avoids to have to wait for tails to you to the arrival of the gardens, to buy the entrance in his ticket offices.

These combined tickets can be bought by Internet or in any office of tourism of Amsterdam, in the Centraal Station of train or Leidseplein. In the Schiphol Airport of Amsterdam them you can buy in the office of tourism of the Schiphol Place. Whereas in Leiden they are possible to be bought in the train station.

Keukenhof park

Whereas it is open Keukenhof, from the Schiphol Airport of Amsterdam there is a direct bus, bus that can take those that is in center of Amsterdam, or the train travellers, since many trains stop in Schiphol before continuing until the Centraal Station of Amsterdam.

The line of bus 58 is the one that goes from the Schiphol Airport to the Gardens of Keukenhof, in a passage of half an hour. This bus operates on a daily basis, between the 09,00 and 18,30 hours, leaving to the 08,00 week ends. There is a bus that leaves every fifteen minutes, although the frequency is greater during the week ends.

From the center of Amsterdam there are no direct buses to Keukenhof, reason why most advisable it is to go until the airport and to take the bus there, or to take a train until Leiden, and thence the bus to the gardens.

Leiden is the city that is more near the Keukenhof Gardens. City of birth of Rembrandt, bus 54 takes to us from its Central station to the gardens. The buses spend every fifteen minutes, between the 07,00 and 19,00 hours. The passage lasts about 25 minutes. This line of bus only works while Keukenkof is open. ´

From The Hague it is possible directly to be traveled to Keukenhof only the labor days. Bus 89 leaves hourly until the gardens from the Centraal Station, in a trip approximately of 50 minutes.

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  1. hello!
    We were the year last in May, we were until and we paid a dineral by the entrance there that is quite expensive and our surprise was that we did not see anything!
    Habia flowers but that in enormous flowerpots stand that ponian in some central zones, all the flowers were cut, does not have to be that for the end of April that a celebration of flowers in Lisse are and make floats with them cut, them and we did not see anything.
    We leave very cabreados because the minimum that can indicate to you in the ticket office is that you are not going to see nothing….
    enfin, we felt deceived by that reason. So those that you read this q you will be muhos safe, if váis in May you ask before paying the entrance.
    The park cpmn flowers must be spectacular!

    Commentary by Irene
    21-02-2010 @ 11:03 p.m.

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