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Many consider that Amsterdam is a city to travel in pairs, or only the adults.

The truth that, historically, to him has considered a city of great museums, besides being a very liberal place, with its Coffee Shops, where marijuana or hashish can be smoked freely, or the famous Red District, with its sexual showcases, reason why does not seem that it is a recommendable place to travel with children.

But, nothing else far from the reality. Amsterdam is an ideal city to travel in family and with children. You do not create that your children would enjoy crossing in boat the channels the city. To take advantage of the good time, and sentaros to enjoy your children of a stroll in urban boat, crossing the best places of Amsterdam.

After the stroll in boat by the channels of Amsterdam, we can visit one of the many museums of the city. We recommended to you, since you go with children, Museum NEMO, a museum of science and technology for smallest. He has four plants, with experiments for the children. It is an ideal place to visit if, for example, it rains in the city.

One of the most interesting places, and less perhaps known Amsterdam, is the Kinderkookkafe, something as well as the cafeteria for children. Discovered I it in my last trip to Amsterdam, and the truth that is an ideal place for the small ones. In this premises the own children are their chefs, and prepare their own meals. The children will amuse much.

Finally, nothing better than to visit Vondelpark, that is something as well as the Central Park of New York in Amsterdam. After all a day of bullicio with the children, is the best place to happen afternoon. In addition, it is a very centric park, located near the best hotels of Amsterdam. Within the Vondelpark there are many zones of games for children.

As you see, these are only some of the examples by which Amsterdam is also a city to travel with children. Cultural city, with museums, and other places of interest, your children will enjoy much knowing this destiny.

Photo Via Yuri goes to der Meer

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