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Coffee Shop

The first time I heard that them I thought that they were stores where coffee was sold. But not… Really, they sell another type of “coffee here?, we say it thus. They are spaces where it is possible to be bought hashish and marijuana, to say it clearly. As a rule, the inhabitants of Amsterdam say that, the more far from the center is the Coffee Shops, the more cheap and of better quality it will be the merchandize.

What yes you must consider is that you must always look for in each Coffee Shops a white and green sticker, because the store has its certificate of homologation.

In addition, if you enter a Coffee Shops to buy marijuana or hashish, you do not smoke it thus so what by the street, since you will be becoming a clear signal that you are tourist, easy prey of the pickpockets. Are more, they does not like much to the inhabitants of Amsterdam that people are thus smoking by the street. The Coffee Shops usually has a bar for it alongside.

If we can speak of the menu of coffee shop, the truth that has much greater variety than one could imagine. The hashish has three different varieties: blonde, coming from Morocco, black, of India, and the Dutch hashish. The gram varies of price, oscillating between the 4 and 35 Euros. Normally, the price has to do with the quality and the force of the distance.

The black is stronger than the blonde, whereas the Dutch one is recommendable for people who are customary to smoke hashish. So, of first, you do not request the Dutch hashish, but to try with the blonde, smoothest of all.

The marijuana is a dry variety of the hashish, a cured flower whose Dutch variety is extremely strong. Just like for the hashish, nonrecommendable if you have never smoked. Of all ways, to always ask the personnel of coffee shops, that usually understand enough of the subject, and they will advise to you according to the experience that you have. Always usually they recommend that only you buy a gram every time.

And all this, as you know, since Amsterdam is an open and completely tolerant city. Holland is the unique country of Europe that allows the legal natural drug consumption. You are not surprised to see as much people enter a Coffee Shops. To take it calmly, or simply acercaros like a peculiar tourist place, that you will only find here in Holland.

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