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Gasunie's in Groningen

In an occasion I read that to Groningen they called the Italian city over the Alps, or the Siena of the North. It really seemed to me somewhat preposterous, but I wanted to know because. And it is that the art that is come off this city evokes a little to the Italian cities.

The architects and artists who worked in Groningen inspired much by those Italian cities, taking them like model to reflect a somewhat peculiar construction so usually he estilar himself in the Dutch cities.

For example, if you enter Groningen by the South zone of the city, you do not have perderos the well-known like apenrots, that is to say, Gasunie' s, the office of the gas company of the city. He will give the tone immediately you than it will be Groningen. Groningen has much modern architecture, that goes of the hand of its historical architecture.

Another example, the Goudkantoor that is in the modern complex of Waagstraatcomplex. Groningen very hard has a bond with the Italian, demonstrated because many of the most remarkable buildings of the city are designed indeed by Italian architects.

Perhaps the most showy building of the city is the one of Groningen Museum, with their cacophony of colors and forms. Surrounded by water, it seems a species of boat that by chance finished there. It is a building that is not at any boring moment, since, you see whenever it, you discover new things to him. His architect was, peculiarly, an Italian, Alessandro Mendini.

Wall House

The Waagstraat Complex is located behind the City council, in center of Groningen. Designed by Italian architect Natalini, it consists of three buildings that were inserted already in the old Goudkantoor, constructed in 1635.

Probably the most interesting house of Groningen is the Wall House, designed this time by a North American architect, John Hejduk. The majority of American and Japanese tourists who come to Groningen does not stop to photograph this house. Usually she is always open to the public, and lodges exhibitions and spectacles.

The resistance to we found all this it in the Public Library, that dates from 1992, and was designed by Giorgio Grassi. It is located next to the Calmers House, of century XIII, the oldest house of Groningen. Here is the attractiveness, in seeing how the Italian architect knew to conjugate the mixture of a modern building with the old elegance of the house.

As you see, Groningen is a city that will surprise as far as its art and architecture. Old woman, modern buildings? , the Italian Siena of the North, architects. Yes, no matter how much it surprises to us, to take a walk by Groningen it is an architectonic pleasure that is worth the trouble well.

Photos Via Rtvnoord

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  1. Thanks to share this interesting information on Groningen. Alive in the Netherlands for almost 7 years and I have been in this city only twice, so planning to go next - and I will already know what other interesting things it has besides the historical center.

    Commentary by Aledys Ver
    29-12-2009 @ 7:45 p.m.

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