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Zuiderduin hotel

To few passages of precious sand beaches of the city of Egmond EEZs aan, we can be the Hotel Zuiderduin, a great place as much for the tourists who want to spend their vacations of beach in Holland, like for that come to relax. This hotel is a good place for which they go to Holland of trip of businesses.

With more than 300 rooms and 33 rooms of meetings, that go from the thirty to the thousand squared meters, the Zuiderduin Hotel can welcome seminaries and conferences with capacity for 1,500 people. The halls the hotel can be rented to a whole day or only one part of the same. The prices of the conference halls go from the 65 to the 2,500 Euros, following the size of the room and the time of the rent. All the rooms count on connection to Internet and telephones.

The rooms of the Zuiderduin Hotel are divided in three:

  • Rooms, equipped with comfortable furniture, deprived baths, daily service of rooms, telephone and television. The price varies from to the 82 Euros by the 60 person and night.
  • Suites, count on facilities similar to the rooms, besides minibar, connection to Internet and bathtub hidromasaje. The prices of the suites oscillate between the 200 and 250 Euros per night.
  • Studies, with kitchens totally equipped, to a price of 92.50 Euros two people per night.

Besides all these services, the Zuiderduin Hotel counts on covered swimming pool, zone of infantile games, center of health and beauty, center of fitness with tracks of squash and tennis, besides a bar with tables of billiards and games, and a calmer bar, as well as a restaurant, that breakfast serves, lunch and has dinner every day.

How to arrive

At the Zuiderduin Hotel train or public bus can be arrived in. From the center of Amsterdam, it is necessary to take the train to Alkmaar, or the bus number 165. If you take the bus, when raising to say to him to the conductor who you remain in the Zuiderduin Hotel, to passages of the shutdown of the bus.

Besides being to few passages of the beach, the Zuiderduin Hotel is in center of Egmond aan EEZ, a city small, but vibrant, by far that to offer. There are many stores and ample numbers of bars and restaurants. To choose this hotel if váis as much of vacations as if you must make a trip from businesses to Holland.

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