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SAIL Amsterdam

Already there are dates for the eighth edition of the SAIL Amsterdam. It will be between days 19 to the 23 of August of the 2010. During those five days, the port of Amsterdam will serve of basic curtain as a series of events, where they emphasize the music, the culture and the activities related to the sea. The preparations are in march and the event promises to be a matchless nautical spectacle.

All that we approach Amsterdam in these dates we will have the possibility of contemplating an impressive fleet of great sailboats worldwide. Dutch boats of candle, ships modern, boats military, activities, exhibitions and spectacles for all the ages, ceremony of closing with fireworks, and the impression to see thousands of swift-sailing on the water.

SAIL Amsterdam is the event greater than it is celebrated in the Netherlands. The best thing of everything is than, all activities are free. In the 2005 it attracted almost two million people to the city. You imagine to see a great amount of sailboats taking a walk by waters of Amsterdam. It must be all a delight.

Besides the possibility of seeing these boats so close, during every day they will take place a series of activities next to the port. The motto for the SAIL Amsterdam 2010 of this year is “an encounter nautical with the past, the present and the future?.

The idea of this event arose during the preparations to celebrate, in 1975, the 700 years of the foundation of Amsterdam. After the enormous success of SAIL Amsterdam 700, the organizers decided to carry out another one, the SAIL Amsterdam 1980.

With the purpose of to manage the organization effectively, Foundation SAIL Amsterdam, the SSA settled down in 1977. Since then, this Foundation is the one that has successfully organized the SAIL in 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005, and now it is centered in the great preparation of the SAIL Amsterdam 2010.

As you see, besides great the attractiveness that has east event in himself, he is something that you do not have perderos, since it is celebrated every five years. Therefore, you have time more than sufficient to give with your finder of flights and to plan your trip to Amsterdam.

Photo Via Dien

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  1. Gustaria to go me to the event Sail Amsterdam, and to make the cruise in amadeus waterways. I have gone to Holland and never I would want would guide to me like spending pretty vacations of 15 days. Greetings

    Commentary by Maribel Correia
    16-03-2010 @ 2:48 p.m.

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