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Hotel Steigenberger Kurhaus

The history of the Kurhaus Hotel, in the city of Scheveningen, goes back to almost 200 years. Peculiarly, with thirteen years of age, Reina Guillermina of Holland signed in its book of visits. He was 1893. This urgent place, with its wood baths, seems that it distills a species of magical magnetism, that during decades it has attracted the royalty, civil servants of high rank, artists and many tourists.

The hotel is next to the sea. In the decade of 1920 he was already frequented by great artists. Here they have slept as famous personalities as Maria You are silent, Marlene Dietrich or Edith Piaf. Rolling Stones chose also it to spend the night during their tour by Holland in 1964.

In spite of its antiquity, one has stayed very elegant, due to its taste by the historical details and to the luxury and the comfort. The guests are treated as if they were in a hotel of five stars, and at any moment the service of luxury with the classic one is combined. The rooms are very modern, and are all of them equipped with the most innovating facilities.

Inside the hotel we will be with an oasis of colors and ample runners. The 253 rooms of which altogether the hotel consists recently have been recovered. For the travellers of businesses, the hotel counts on the magnificent Executive Lounge, an ideal zone to relax and to work.

The impressive Kurzaal Restaurant is the jewel of the crown, since it combines an authentic atmosphere, with music in direct every day. Here you will have dinner under the beautiful crystal cupola, guinea fowl with fresh impressive by the painter Belgian Go Hoeck in 1904.

Whatever one lodges in this hotel, either by businesses or like a tourist the more, without a doubt that will be surrounded by an atmosphere of modern luxury and. The Hotel Steigenberger Kurhaus the same reflects a wonderful resistance between the classic architecture and the contemporary, besides a matchless service and a quality.

So, if you want alojaros in a hotel of luxury in Holland, you do not doubt in the Kurhaus. Beauty, style and elegance, everything in one.

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