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Palace of La Paz in The Hague

The Palace of La Paz in The Hague lodges a series of international judicial institutions, including the Court the International of Justice, the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the famous Library of the Palace of La Paz, as well as the Academy of the Right International of The Hague, that attracts every summer students of right worldwide.

The Carnegie Foundation is the host of all these institutions, and celebrates in the palace international conferences exceeds right, environment, diplomatic relations or human rights, to name some. A new wing next to the palace lodges the Library and the Academy, destiny of the smallest conferences, with capacity for 300 people.

The Court the International of Justice is most well-known of the Palace of La Paz. When the construction was finished in 1913, it was only had thought that the palace lodged the Permanent Court of Arbitration and the Library. But 1922 one also became soothes of just created Cuts the International of Justice.

This last court arose like main judicial organ of the United Nations, when this one was created in 1945. This court solves the legal conflicts presented/displayed by the members of the UN, and adviser to the organization from The Hague

All the Member States of the UN have direct access to the Court the International of Justice. This court, well-known commonly as It cuts World-wide, trains fifteen judges of all the continents. The room of the Court of the Court can be visited the International of Justice, that is the greatest room of the palace, and it is in the right part of the building.

Additional information

If you wish to make a visit guided by the corridors of the palace, the great stairs, the small court of justice, the Japanese hall, the patio and the Great Hall Justice, the excursions are available in English, French, German and Dutch. Visits cannot be made individual, but all those that want to accede to the Palace of La Paz will have it to do through a guided visit.

These guided visits take place to 11,00 and the 15,00 hours. In them the museum of the palace can also be visited. The groups of the visits are a maximum of 20 people, with anticipated reserve. The guided visit lasts an hour and a half, and without visiting the museum about fifty minutes.

The guided visits take place the week ends. Of the 1 of May to the 30 of September to 10,00, 11,00, 14,00, 15,00 and 16,00 hours. Of the 1 of October to the 30 of April to 10,00, 11,00, 14,00 and 15,00 hours

· Prices: 5 Euros for adults, 3 Euros for children majors of 13 years.

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