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Egypt de Gustave Flaubert

A new and interesting exhibition of winter can be visited the past from 2 of December in the National Museum of Antiguedades de Leiden. One is a vision of Egypt through the eyes of the French writer Gustave Flaubert. The exhibition takes by title “Egypt de Gustave Flaubert?. This exhibition narrates the trip that the French writer did to Egypt between 1849 and 1850, with its good friend, the photographer Especially du Camp.

The trip began in Alexandria, to the north, to cross impressive pyramids of Giza and the temples of Luxor, happening through the impressive sculptures of the Pharaohs of Abu Simbel more to the south. In this exhibition letter fragments of Flaubert are combined, their newspaper, photographies of Du Camp and a hundred of objects of old Egypt. A exhibition that, without a doubt, will create an atmosphere to us different from Egypt, sight after the eyes of an artist.

The exhibition will be able to be seen until next the 4 of April of the 2010. In its notebook of trips, that later was published as Trip to East, Gustave Flaubert made a detailed story from its trip to Egypt, Its fellow traveller, Du Camp, realized in silence hundreds of photographies of monuments and excavations that visited together.

The perception of Egypt under the intimate and personal tone of Flaubert in their newspapers and letters, plus the precious images of Du Camp, creates an exact and trustworthy representation than it was Egypt in century XIX, an ideal exhibition for the lovers of this country.

Besides writings and the photographies, we will be able to see more of a hundred of objects, including pictures of the old Egyptian Pharaohs, the coffin of a priestess, momias of crocodiles, papyruses and two sculptures of esfinges. All this was the patrimony and the archaeological wealth that Flaubert found in Egypt.

The objects are related to the excavations that visited. All these objects belong to different museums, like the Museum Allard Pierson of Amsterdam, the Museum Kestner de Hannover, the Egyptian Museum of Florence and the Agfa Collection of the Ludwig Museum of Colony.

If you want to know the schedules, prices and more information on the Museum of Antiguedades de Leiden, thus to visit this wonderful exhibition, you only must read the article about the Museum of Antiques of Leiden.

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