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Cheese market in Alkmaar

Cheese market in Alkmaar

If one begins to imagine most typical of Holland, without a doubt that will leave things like the tulips, the wind mills, the mythical mechanical orange… and the cheeses. Yes, the cheeses, who has never proven a Dutch cheese. But, you knew that in Holland it has up to five great cheese markets.

Four of them, Alkmaar, Gouda, Edam and Hoorn, are authentic reproductions of the traditional medieval cheese markets. Whereas fifth, Woerden, is more modern and functional. You want that we know a little more.

- Alkmaar

The cheese market of Alkmaar in the morning works all the Fridays, between the 10,00 and 12,00 hours, from the first Friday of April to the first Friday of September. You will see traditional kaasdragers, or porteadores of cheeses, dresses with its straw hats of different colors. And he is that they are a species of four equipment with the colors red, green, blue and yellow.

Two of the porteadores take the cheese in wheelbarrows until the Waag, pesaje. In each wheelbarrow it always can have about 160 kilos. The retailers who go to this swap-meet decide the price of cheeses by means of an exchange system that is called handjeklap, that literally means beating palms.

- Edam

Edam is perhaps one of the more popular cheese markets, and as its name indicates, it sells Edam cheese almost exclusively. The cheeses still arrive at the swap-meet in cars of horses, and works in July and August, Wednesdays in the morning, of 10,30 to 12,30 hours.

- Hoorn

From the 2007, this cheese market is in the morning realized every Thursday between the 12,30 and 13,45 hours, between the 28 of June and the 20 of September, and Thursdays in the evening between the 21,00 and 22,15 hours. Two shippers bring cheeses in wheelbarrows until the house of pesajes.

- Gouda

The cheese has been object of interchanges in the market of Gouda for more than three centuries, always from mid June until August. Every Thursday in the morning, between the 10,00 and 12,00 hours, the agriculturists of the region meet to weigh their cheeses and to sell them.

- Woerden

The last Wednesday of August the cheese market takes place in Woerden. There the farmers and their spouses get dressed in period customes and recreate a traditional cheese market.

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