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Circuit of Assen

Today we want to visit the city of Assen, to the northeast of Holland, capital of the province of Drenthe. Certainly to many of you it will sound its name to you, mainly to the lovers of the motociclismo, in whose circuit always every year is celebrated, concretely the last Saturday of June, some test of the world-wide one.

In November, Assen also is placed in the front sight of much people, when the city welcomes the Festival of Dance of Assen, an event in which can participate all the dancers of the world who want therefore it.

As we said to you before, the Great Prize of Motociclismo de Assen is one of most famous and important of the world. In fact, it is the unique test that has been celebrated every year from 1949. For many, Assen is considered the cathedral of the motociclismo.

The original circuit of Assen was used for the first time for a local race in 1925, organized by the Motorclub Assen in Omstreken. In that one occasion, the winner went Piet van Wijngaarden, at a speed average, fijaros what thing, of 90 kilometers per hour.

But the present circuit of Assen was inaugurated in 1955, and at first it had a length of than seven kilometers and more average. The present track has a length of 4,555 meters, and its longer straight line is of 560 meters. The pavement of Assen was one of first that managed to have major adhesion, reason why the pilots were able to lead in Assen at much greater speed than in other circuits.

After World War II, Assen as soon as it arrived at the 20,000 inhabitants. The circuit caused that it acquired more fame, and nowadays is well-known for being one of the cities that more fast growth they have at present. And it is that, thanks to their situation in the North part of Holland, the use possibilities, in particular in the sector services, are majors.

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