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Museum Van Gogh

The lovers of Paul Gauguin and the painting generally are of enhorabuena in Holland. From next the 19 of February to the 6 of June of the 2010 we will have the possibility of visiting in the Museum Van Gogh of Amsterdam an impressive exhibition of this brilliant painter. In the exhibition we will have the opportunity to contemplate the works of Gauguin known like the series of Volpini, with a series of engravings that Gauguin exposed in the Coffee of the Arts during the Exhibition of Paris of 1889.

They will be the eleven engravings in exhibition, that offer a fascinating vision of the key subjects in the work of the artist. From the exotic landscapes of Martinique, to the close scenes of Britain or Ar to them. The exhibition also will show to other works of Gauguin and their friendly, closely tie to Mr. Volpini.

Altogether we will have the occasion to admire a total of 60 works of art, between paintings, works on paper, sculptures and ceramic, including other peculiar pieces, like the Mysterious Being, who are in the Museum of Orsay of Paris, the Bretonas Dancing, of the Gallery of National Art of Washington, and a Self-portrait, of the Pushkin Museum of Moscow.

Gauguin created this series of engravings of the Volpini series at the request of Theo van Gogh, as a form to draw attention on its paintings. The Museum Van Gogh acquired some works of this Volpini series in the 2004. In them a global vision of the most important events of the Parisian production of engravings can be seen during the two last decades of century XIX.

Besides works of Gauguin, in this great exhibition we will contemplate works of the impresionist group of the Coffee of the Arts, made up of Charles Laval, Emile Bernard, and Louis Anquetin among others. In the rebellious tradition of artists like Courbet or Manet, these impresionists created their own exhibitions, in return to the traditional World-wide Fairs of Paris.

They were the first manifestations of a school that would be known later like the School of Pont-Aven. Gauguin and its friendly had rejected the impressionism and the realism in favor of the sintetismo, a style characterized by the simplification of the form and the color. This style became source of inspiration of the group of Them Nabis, artists of vanguard who worked in Paris between 1890 and 1905.

Any guide of Amsterdam will mention doing to you a route by the main museums of the city and the one of Goes Gogh is one of señeros. All this is what we will have the occasion to visit in the next and most interesting exhibition on Paul Gauguin who will carry out the Museum Van Gogh of Amsterdam.

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