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Although there have been casinos in Europe for two centuries, the majority of them were in spas and thermal towns of countries like France, Germany, or the city of Montecar it. The casinos in Holland are much more recent, and it thinks that they began to work from World War II.

What yes it is certain is that, the first casino that was abrió in Holland not did it until the decade of 1970. Nowadays, nevertheless, it has up to thirteen casinos in all Holland, with the plans of which they are increased in six more, since more and more they are becoming places very visited by the foreign tourists.

First of the casinos that were constructed in Holland was the one of Zandvoort, in the Dutch coast, in 1976, and it was followed by some very similar, like those of Valkenburg and Scheveningen. This casino was the greatest of the European coast west in its time, although since then it has happened to occupy a near building.

Aside from these pioneering casinos, in the decade of 1980 those of Breda, Nijmegen and Groningen were constructed. In 1991 the Casino of Amsterdam was constructed, and in 1993 the one of Rotterdam.

This tendency has continued years in the last, with the construction of several casinos in many places of this small and colorful country. In 1995 one in the Airport of Schiphol was constructed, being the first airport of the world in having casino. Of the last ones in being constructed the one of Venlo has been, elevating to thirteen the number of casinos in Holland.

Greatest of all of them it is the Holland Utrecht Casino, with 83 tables and more than thousand vending machines and of other games.

All the casinos in Holland operate under the Holland company Casino, that has exclusive right to operate all the casinos of the country. Of all ways, it is speculated on with the possibility of abrir the market next to more casinos of other companies, since, more and more, the casinos are becoming an important diversion between the Dutch ones.

And it is that the Dutch casinos altogether welcome about five million visitors in the year, reason why is becoming one of attractive the tourist ones of the country. If you are going to be in Holland a time, or if you are boring in the Schiphol Airport of Amsterdam, you already know, you can echaros partiditas in its casino.

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