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Korenmarkt in Arnhem

With a population of almost 150,000 inhabitants, Arnhem is one of the biggest cities of the Netherlands. It is located in the Eastern part of the country, and is well-known mainly by his open parks and their spaces. In fact the pride to be one of the greenest and more pleasant cities has gained to live on Holland.

Arnhem was the favorite city of the elite and the Dutch high class in century XIX, reason why it got to become since then a colorful city. Unfortunately, it underwent many destructions during World War II, although it was reconstructed carefully and it continues having special an attractiveness, with many historical buildings and a pile of things to see and to do.

The city is centered in its old Korenmarkt, that in Castilian would come to be something as well as the market of the maize. It is there where we can go if we want to take a relaxed coffee outdoors, or find a good place to eat or pass the day, exploring the small stores that are distributed by the streets and alleys that surround the place.

Arnhem is also famous by its Burguer' s the Zoo, greatest and more popular of Holland. Account with several sections and habitats, like a forest, a desert, a mangrove swamp and until a stroll under the water. Another one of its more interesting visits is the National Museum, outdoors, located to the outskirts. Account with many interesting buildings that were brought up to here from many points of Holland.

Another precious place to see in Arnhem is the Church of San Eusebio, where we can raise its tower, recently reconstructed, to see precious panoramic ones of this so green city. Indeed, the great green lung of Arnhem is the Park Sonsbeek, the greatest and popular park of the city.

There are many other monuments and historical buildings worthy to cross and to visit in Arnhem, as well as many other attractiveness in the neighborhood of the city. Therefore, we recommended to you beginning by this small stroll to the city to go knowing little by little it.

Photo Via Cameratoezicht

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