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Fields filled with gorgeous flowers, real ether to us wind mills, castles, palaces, enchanted cities, landscapes of dream… Whatever it can approach Holland will find all this and much more. You have one week free? , at least five days. You do not worry, we prepared your trip to you to Holland. In five days you will hardly take all the sensations of the country of the tulips.

- Day 1: Amsterdam - Rockanje

Amsterdam is a city that you must cross. From very early you can acercaros to the auction of flowers of Aalsmeer. After taking the coffee and the breakfast, we will happen to see the wind mills in Aarlanderveen, seven kilometers on foot, that can be crossed in two hours, through a landscape that will seem to you a Dutch picture.

In order to have lunch we approached the harbor city of Schiedam. There we will visit the Museum of the Geneva, where we will happen afternoon, to go until Zeeland, a city of beaches of sand dunes.

- Day 2: Rockanje - Saint Michielsgestel

After the breakfast we go away soon until Haringvliet, to discover its Watersnoodmuseum. In order to eat for lunch nothing better than the charming district of Veere. In the evening we visited the Deltapark Neeltje Jans, a park located in Oosterschelde, where we will discover the wild life of the zone, the nature and many other activities that can be done in the delta.

After this, we have left an hour and a half in car until arriving at Saint Michielsgestel, a small city with many farms where you will see how the traditional Dutch cheeses are elaborated.


- Day 3: The environs of Saint Michielsgestel

In the morning we will go until the district of Zaltbommel. Thence, and in a precious stroll in bicycle of 30 minutes, we will arrive at the medieval castle of Ammersoyen. Here we can perfectly spend the day, transferring to us long time back in the time, and eating in its restaurant.

- Day 4: Saint Michielsgestel - Deventer

Ours first shutdown of this day will be Paleis t' Loo, where we will see how it used to live the Dutch real family. De Hoge Veluwe are many more possibilities of diversion in the near National Park. Here bicycles can be rented to cross it and to see the great variety of animal that offers. We can lodge in Deventer.

- Day 5: Deventer - Amsterdam

Our first destiny of today is Venice of the Netherlands, the city of Giethoorn. We mounted in some boat and we enjoyed its channels and the preciosidad of the town. We have lunch in Giethorn and we maintain course to Schokland. This city was before an island, well-known like Zuiderzee, but later it was united to the continent when the Noordoostpolder was created. Schokland is Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO.

And from Schokland we return to Amsterdam, after to have enjoyed five days wonderful by the environs of Amsterdam, having known popular towns and more interesting the Dutch traditions. We recommended then to find your first economic lodging to you in Amsterdam, and to begin your particular route there.

Photo 2 Via Natuurlijk

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