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Of great landscaping wealth, all green one, we approached today until the province of Friesland, to the north of the Netherlands, a destiny that will be very funny and unforgettable vacations to you. Land of pasturing, Friesland is a very attractive zone, sprinkled of charming small villages with straw ceilings.

To the west it offers a series of coastal towns, popular and attractive, with a rich one and varied culture, a matchless atmosphere. A trip throughout to this will approach us coast the unique pleasures of each city, a really charming experience.

Before initiating this route by the coast, we recommended to you to visit the old helmet of Leeuwarden, the capital of Friesland. Leeuwarden has many enchantments, like its cathedral, the Oldehove and the Prinsentium, a small park next to the river that offers zones with many colorful flowers in spring and summer.

Nevertheless, Leeuwarden is proud with its museums. The Het Princessehof was the cradle of graphical genius M.C Escher, and nowadays it lodges a shining Museum of Ceramics, with a surprising tile collection that clears the breath. To also visit the Museum You fry, one of the best regional museums of Holland, where the culture of Friesland can be visited, from the prehistory to the present time.

Now yes, we went towards the coast. In the first place until the sophisticated Harlingen, an old port that serves like terminal of the ferries that travel to the near islands. You can organize a trip in ferry by the coast from to take a walk here, later by the Voorstraat, a beautiful full avenue of trees, surrounded by elegant mansions of century XVIII.

Thence you can enjoy tentempié in some of the restaurants of the port of Harlingen, before visiting the island of Terschelling. Here you will enjoy a pleasant stay. Isolate beaches and one reserve natural wonderful. When returning to the continent, we pause in Hindeloopen, considered the cleanest city of Holland, a beautiful city of channels, streets and old footbridges of wood, that also counts on interesting coffees and restaurants.

To enjoy a stroll in bicycle by some of the charming coastal towns of Friesland. Moveros towards the interior and decantaros by history and the culture of its capital. Any thing that you do in Friesland will astonish to you.

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