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Market of Cheeses in Alkmaar

They surprised to me, everything is necessary to say it. I did not think that in to this they did it city, but thus was. We were taking a walk by Alkmaar when, of good to first, they appeared gentlemen with a species of long white uniform, straw hats with tapes of colors and cheese baskets on shoulders. We remained also been strange, because the so customary inhabitants of Alkmaar parecián to see them…

Then yes, and as much that they are customary to see them. They are the known ones like porteadores of cheeses, and the members of this union have bought and sold cheeses in Alkmaar for more than 600 years. Like not being customary to see them, no.

Today the Cheese Market of Alkmaar is almost rather a spectacle, even if it is only because the Dutch cheese has been a product of masses from 1960. This market is one of the great attractions of the city. And that is much to see and to make in Alkmaar after have seen our porteadores cheese beloveds, realizing its characteristic dance Fridays in the morning in the Waag.

Yes, yes, you read as it. The Cheese Market of Alkmaar is celebrated all the Fridays, as of the 10,00 hours, in the main place of the city, since the beginning of April at the beginning of September. The tourists arrive more early, that yes, so to try to be there on the 09,00 or 09,30 hours, mainly if what you want she is to make photographies of the event.

How to arrive at Alkmaar

Alkmaar is hardly to half an hour of the Central station of Amsterdam. In car, one is to 37 kilometers of Amsterdam. In order to arrive haceros with a good road map. Another one of the options is to reserve an excursion from the hotel in which you are.

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