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Parade channel

Amsterdam is one of those fascinating and versatile European cities. Generally, we could say that the culture of the city turns around two plants, the tulips… and the marijuana. Yes, yes, along with music, the channels, the bicycles and much more. Amsterdam is an alive city. You want to know the festivales that do it so animated. Here the best ones go.

- Amsterdam Pride

One is the Celebration of the Gay Pride in Amsterdam, that is celebrated every year at the beginning of August, and it has become one of most popular of Europe. The festival includes celebrations in the street, a cinema festival outdoors, theater, cultural and sport activities. The culminating point of Amsterdam Pride is the Parade Channel, to the 14,00 hours Saturday. Around 75 boats they will flood the channels of Prisengracht, Stopera and Amstel. There the celebration never is known when it finishes.

- Grachtenfestival, music in the channels

This festival of classic music takes place during the second week of August in several places of Amsterdam. The festival includes tens of concerts, and concludes with the concert of Prisengracht, that is celebrated in a floating scene in front of the Hotel .Pulitzer. Although many of the concerts are gratuitous, some require to pay entrance.

- Marathon of Amsterdam

The marathon of Amsterdam is considered one of the twelve best ones of the world. To his around an impressive architecture, and nothing of traffic. Every year the marathon attracts of thousand participants worldwide. Usually it takes place the third week of October, and begins and it concludes in the Olympic Stage.

- Cup Cannabis

The Cup Cannabis is centered in this plant, and attracts many visitors until the city. The event also promotes the global industry of the hemp and its benefits. This year will celebrate its edition number 22. The participants buy and smoke cannabis, and will take place the third week of November.

- Festival of the Flowers of Holland

Although the tulips are the symbol of the Netherlands, this festival also shelters narcissuses, rainbow and other plants, in I wade annual of scents and fragrances. Besides the flowers, the sample is accompanied by accessories for the garden. It is place every year old in February.

Perhaps for many of you other events of great interest in the city exist. There you enter, those that you have had the opportunity to live the experience on a stay in Amsterdam. Which are the ones that have called to you plus the attention.

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