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House Museum of Ana Frank

Amsterdam was the World-wide Capital of Libro in the 2008. It was not an election immediately, since the Dutch city must much offer for the lovers of Literature.

From the Century of Dutch Gold, century XVII, Amsterdam has counted with a great amount of writers. This literary spirit took Mr., until the past 22 of April, World-wide Capital of Libro. Today we want to you to offer some of great the attractiveness that this city offers for which they like of the letters, so that thus you enjoy still more your stay in the hotels in Amsterdam.

Ana Frank is perhaps one of the literary figures more known Holland. Its famous newspaper was written in its refuge of Amsterdam, in the heat of captivity. Ana arrived at the Netherlands in 1933, when her Jewish family fled from the Nazi regime in Germany. The day of their thirteen birthday, the 12 of June of 1942, gave a newspaper to him. Less than a month later, it and its family was themselves forced hide-and-seek in the secret refuge of Prinsengracht.

The Franks and another family lived in this secret refuge until August of 1944, when deportees to the concentration camps in Germany were betrayed and. The father of Ana, Otto Frank, was the unique one who survived the war.

Thanks to its efforts, to a large extent, the house of Prinsengracht was preserved and the newspaper of Ana was published. The house is today a museum, from 1960, and still today the room in which Ana wrote her newspaper, with its daily life and its more intimate thoughts can be visited.

The newspaper of Ana was published for the first time in Dutch in 1947. Its directness and its style, unusual in a boy of its age, have brought about its translation to more than 70 languages, and are one of read books more in the world.

The Public Library of Amsterdam is located in number 143 of the Oosterdokskade, right to the east of the Central station. The building is a wonder of the modern architecture. With crystal facade, it has been designed by Jo Coenen. The interior includes unusual characteristics, such as round bookcases. The library abre every day, and deserves the visit like structure in himself.

Another good place to obtain books in Amsterdam, mainly in English, is the American Book Center. This emporio of books is located in number 12 of the Spui, and sells of everything, from novels to books of spreading or guides of trips.

It abre of Monday to Saturday, 10,00 to 20,00, and Sundays of 11,00 to 18,30 hours.

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