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Smart card

All the public transport, trains, buses, meters and street cars, in the Netherlands share a single now: OV-Chipkaart, that is to say, a smart card, to make the payments much more easy. This card simplifies the use of the public transport in the Netherlands.

The residents and tourists will only need one these smart cards of transport to be able to accede to all the trains, buses, meters and street cars of the Netherlands. Following the type of card, the Chipkaart can be loaded with the complete price of the totality of the trip, or be discounted of the card the tariff of this trip.

Therefore, the tourists no longer we must be pending of the prices nor the tariffs of the different trains, buses, street cars or meters. Simply with having loaded our smart card, already we can make use of the public transport in Holland.

The card tells on an electronic chip that it goes to the entrance of any bus, tube station or train. The correct price based on the whole range discounts automatically of our smart card.

At the moment there are available three types different from smart cards:

  1. The smart card personal, that only can use it a same person, directed for residents and tourists who are going to use the public transport with too much frequency. It must contain a photo and the personal data of the traveller.
  2. The anonymous smart card, can be shared and it does not contain personal information of the travellers.
  3. The disposable smart card, a simple card that it is limited exclusively at the cost of a single trip

It is possible that the majority of tourists uses the disposable smart card. Its use is the one of a normal standard ticket, and it is only valid for a passage. For example, a trip in train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. It will be an only valid card for the day and the scheduled time.

The anonymous smart card also is ideal for tourists. It can be recharged every time it is wanted, and one discounts automatically in the exit of each trip. The card is transferable. The initial quota of the card depends from we buy where it, although most normal it is than it is of two or four Euros.

Traditionally, the majority of trains and street cars of Holland can easily be boarded. Nevertheless, the meters and trains of cities as Amsterdam and Rotterdam generally have automatic ticket barriers. Of all ways, also they pass reviewers to review your tickets and smart cards.

A minimum balance is required to obtain one of these smart cards. Four Euros for buses, street cars and meters, and about twenty Euros for the trains. When leaving, to verify that they have discounted the tariff to you of the trip, like if you transfer some, to verify that they do not do the discount to you of the second of the trips.

In the 2010 all the operators of public transport they will already accept the use of smart cards, although still it is possible to be paid of another way. The main objective of the OV Chipkaart is to make the use easier of the public transport for the residents. Also, for the tourists also it will be one more a form simpler to cross a country like Holland.

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