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The colorful university city of Leiden, in center of Holland, must much offer to its visitors, from restaurants elegant, but reasonable, to precious streets and places. Like Amsterdam, Leinden also is constructed on a system of channels, and has its same unusual architecture and interesting narrow streets.

The city also lodges a series of bars and cafeterias that, as well, reflect the popular culture of the capital. Although it has the same laws on the cannabis and the prostitution that in Amsterdam, perhaps Leiden does not agglutinate to so many mochileros as the great city.

Nevertheless, there are many differences also between Amsterdam and Leiden. Leiden is calmer, outside the bullicio of Amsterdam. , Leiden is cheaper as well, although it does not count on so many stores as the capital. Leiden is full also of landscapes, with traditional wind mills, one of them is now a museum, and a Botanical Garden.

This Botanical Garden (the entrance costs 5 Euros) is worthy to visit, as much by its pleasant atmosphere as by the tranquility that emanates. You can visit all plants, including the variety of carnivorous plants that it has.

There is a great variety of restaurants around the city of Leiden, from McDonald's to the chains FEBO, the Dutch equivalent to the American giant of hamburgers, happening through elegant restaurants. In the streets that surround the Caecillastraat is a good number of places, mainly local of covers.

Nevertheless, the best relation you find it quality-price in the colorful streets paved with stones around Pieterskirkhof. Another one of the most tourist zones, the near one the Botanical Garden, also has a familiar handful of bars, coffees and restaurants.

Like the restaurants, Leiden has one varied nocturnal life, with places that go generally from the pubs of style British to the bars of glasses, as well as relaxed coffees that extend, like in Amsterdam, throughout the channels.

Stadhuisplein counts on a great number of bars, always filled. They remain open late at night until good, and transform this part of Leiden into a vibrant city with a pile of diversion to satisfy each taste and each budget.

The room of City Hall is one of most popular of Leiden, especially the week ends, where often long tails of young people form to enter. As you see, Leiden is an ideal destiny, that offers a mixture of entertainment and landscapes in a very calm atmosphere. Like Amsterdam, you must visit it.

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