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Castle of Ammersoyen

The Dutch province of Gelderland lodges many castles and historical houses. Altogether seven are the castles that can be visited here. In each of them we can move in the time, to live the eventful journeys on its inhabitants in the Average Age, all a worthy experience of interest.

- Castle of Ammersoyen

One is an impressive strength of century XIV. It turns out incredible to contemplate in the distance his four round and heavy towers. The interior, with its great hall and its stairs, has conserved the medieval aspect. The plant superior lodges a exhibition of objects found in the pit. These archaeological findings give a vision of the life that was had in the castle 600 years ago.

- Castle of Cannenburch

Constructed by Marten van Rossem in the middle of century XVI, to this it transfers us castle to the house of a nobleman of the time. The rooms have been decorated following the style of century XVI, with an important collection of furniture, porcelains and paintings. The sensation is had of which their old occupants can enter at any time. The pleasant surroundings of the castle and the furniture of the time are their great attractiveness.

- Castle of Doorwerth

This castle magnificently is located to borders of the Rhin river. Very it was damaged during World War II, although it has been recovered. One is very well furnished, and it lodges a exhibition of the forests of the environs in his Museum of Hunting.

Castle of Rosendael

- Castle of Hernen

This strength is one of the best examples of house fortified in the Netherlands. It is located in a very colorful zone, between two rivers, the Mosa and the Waal. It has hardly changed from century XVII. Since then there have been few changes in the outside, so that still estatus conserves original his.

- Castle and Park of Rosendael

This castle is a clear example on how it lived centuries back. Their exceptional collection of furniture, platería and approach us to porcelain centuries XVIII and XIX, although the history of Rosendael goes back more back, since it was the residence of the counts and Dukes of Gelderland. To also emphasize its wonderful gardens of century XVIII.

- Verwolde House

A paradise for the lovers of the natural beauty. This nobiliary house data of 1776, although its garden was designed in 1926. A visit will take to us to know great amount Chinese porcelain and rooms beautifully decorated.

- Zypendaal House

One is an authentic house of field. It dates from 1762, and it is furnished with luxury furniture. The best thing is than it radiates a very intimate atmosphere.

Photo 1 Via Mathieu in Wonderland

Photo 2 Via Holland

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