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Amsterdam is one of the most modern and cosmopolitan cities of Europe. Perhaps their more classic image is the one of the channels, but Amsterdam is something much more that. It is joy, it is diversion, it is vividness and it is a great variety of cultures and atmospheres. Its mentality more we can see abierta it in typical coffeshops where marijuana without fear to fines of no type can be smoked freely. Or in its Red, famous District throughout the world by its girls of it alternates.


We will do the route starting off of the central station, an emblematic building in the city and to hardly 10 minutes of the center of Amsterdam.

The city is divided in seven zones. If we see its plane, we will see that he is very simple to orient itself since everything forms in concentric ring in which the districts are separated of others by the channels cross that them.

The zone center: leaving the station, it is necessary to take the ample avenue that there is in perpendicular just faces. This one will take to us until the Place Damm, the heart of Amsterdam. This avenue is filled with restaurants of fast food, bars and stores, that in addition are not excessively expensive, reason why always are a good place to take something. In the Damm Place we will find first monuments: the Real Palace and the New Church (the Nieuwe Kerk). Closely together it is also the Church of San Nicholas, and right in the same Damm place the famous Wax Museum of Madame Tussaud. Alongside is the street Kalverstraat, the most commercial street of the Dutch capital, where in addition it is the Museum of History of Amsterdam and the Beginhof.

The ring the west is to the right of the central station if you leave her by the fore door. There it is the well-known district of the Jordaan, where you will be able to walk calmly between channels being observed the multiple forms and inclinations of the adjacent houses. It turns out amazing to see as it seems that almost they fall. The channels of the Prinsengracht and the Herengracht are those that delimit the district, in that you will be able to admire among others, the Old Church, the Westerkerk, in which with a little luck you will be able to attend a concert of carrillón, and the House of Ana Frank.

The central ring is almost plus one zxona of passage towards the district of the theaters that another thing. The main artery of this zone is the Leidsesplein place, and it is possible mainly to be visited the market of flowers and the Gold Curve.

The South ring is the one that contains the district of the Museums. The atmosphere is very different from the rest of the city here; calm, much more greener, as if in him one breathed relax that the art of the many pictures produces and gardens that there are in that zone. And it is that we can here visit among others, the Rikjsmuseum (national museum), and mainly, the museum of Goes Gogh. Close it is also the Vondelpark, a wonderful park in which you could be the complete day if what eréis, given the size that it has. Precious by his bridges, Lagos, sources and very many flowers whereupon it is adorned.

The ring This has like main body the Rembrandtplein, a place animadísima by the nights. The bridge that more photographies takes of all Amsterdam is here also: the Magere Bruck.

The moved away zone more is the Plantage. My recommendation is that until you do not move there unless you want to go to visit the Botanist, the Planetarium or the Zoo. It much more has, and even so, neither the zoo nor the botanist are nothing special, I visited when them at least.

The Oude Zijde is the last one of the ring of Amsterdam. The most popular and known district throughout the world. Yes, it is what you imagine. Here it is where it is the most famous Red District. I recommend to you you visit that it at night, because the enchantment that it has and the showy thing that is, only can detect in the dark, when there is no more light than the red one that leaves all the doors and windows of the houses where they exert prostitution. In addition, it turns out strange to see that succession of windows with the girls offering its enchantments after crystals. And no longer we speak of other details like the stores of marijuana, or the somewhat subiditas sources of tone…

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  19. One of the best views of the city of Amsterdam is without a doubt the one of the Public Library, the library of Amsterdam near the central station of trains, concretely in Oosterdokskade 143. In the last floor is a cafeteria, in fact it is a chain, Pleases is called It! Thence photos can be made fantastic!
    It recommends it to you:

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