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Red district, Amsterdam

By all the fame of liberal city of Amsterdam is well-known. Drugs and sex are joined in the collective imagination and create an image of squalid and libertine city. It is necessary to clarify this idea.

Amsterdam is a very clean and cosy city, but the Red District that, paradoxicalally is downtown, if that is something dirty in all the aspects. It frankly turns out amazing to take a walk by the district of sex, with the showcases of red lights with prostitutas offering itself, and to see pass to families with children mixed with old tourists porretas and in bici. What city of resistances!

The subject of the sexual freedom of Amsterdam so is known and tourist that itineraries are even organized nocturnes in which sharp anecdotes of the district are explained and the zone is crossed camera in hand. Nevertheless, there are other forms to know this facet this surprising city.

To take a walk by the Red District can be all a vital experience and certainly it will not leave you indifferent. Deléitate with the reflections of the neon lights on waters of the channels and breathes the atmosphere nocturne of the trepidante Amsterdam. There are some particularly peculiar corners related to sex, beyond the red showcases.

For example you can throw an eye to him to the Belle, a sculpture of a feminine figure supported in quicio of a window, done in honor the workers of this district. One is in the South corner of the place of the Oude Kerk. Also there are especially peculiar elements in the Barndesteeg street. One is railings with one more an ornamentation than illustrative about the office that pratica in the district.

You can also visit both museums that are on sex and eroticism. They are peculiar, at least. The Erotic Museum dedicates to the history of the eroticism with a pinch of seriousness and many malicious winks. The Sex Museum Venustempel approaches sex from one more a more artistic perspective and tries to show the evolution of the eroticism throughout the times.

Another thing that you can do is to look around in the numerosísimos sex shops of the Red District in which they offer all imaginable the pleasure. There are some more refinings than others… but certainly in some you find something for you!

- Practical Information:

  • Erotic Museum: Oudezijds Achterburgwal 54. It abre of 11 1h. The entrance costs about 5 €.
  • The Sex Museum Venustempel: Damrak 18. H Abre from 10 to 23. Entered about 3 €.
  • Eye! It is not allowed to photograph to prostitutas in his showcases.

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