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Dutch typical food

Amsterdam, with options for all the pleasures

At the time of eating, Holland is characterized to combine an endless number of influences that they identify to the Dutch gastronomy, and for being home of restaurants also specialized in foreign kitchen, that varies from the Argentinean to the food thai. It is why, of visit in a great city like this one, not to pay attention to the gastronomical supply it is, besides impossible, unthinkable. After reading this article it is probable that the flights to Amsterdam are several that you will undertake to know and to taste thorough the most typical and recognized plates.

More than thousand restaurants they work in the Dutch capital, which are distributed between specialists in local food, indonesa, Argentine, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and of many origins more. The vegetarians can occur a good banquet in some of the establishments thought for them, that they abound and they offer excellent menus.

If to choose it is tried, the complica subject, but the fundamental thing is to know how where to look for. The recommended sites more are in the Leidseplein, throughout the Jordaan street (also famous as stroll of purchases), in the Chinese district, Of Pijp, the Nieuwmarkt and on Haarlemmerstraat, that also lodges several inns to good prices.

The restaurants in Holland abren their doors during the morning, and the breakfasts be served generally until the 10,00 or the 11,00 hs. The schedule of the lunch is developed between the 12 of the noon and the 2 of afternoon for the local inhabitants, whereas dinner can be taken enters the five and the eight at night. Most of the restaurants remain open until the 22,00 hs.

In spite of this, the endless night of Amsterdam does not conclude here. Innumerable pubs, coffees, bars and restaurants nocturnes remain working until the dawn, and offer to their clients a good cold plate selection and I warm up, snacks and, of course, the most delicious drinks.

A peculiar fashion arisen in Amsterdam is the one to have a bite to eat just at midnight. Falafel, an mean-Eastern prescription that uses like snack. They are cheap and flavorful, and they can be obtained in many sites of fast meals.

Two very famous ones are located on Reguliersbreestraat 45, where Chinese food be served, and in Muntplein 1, a vegetarian option near the Rembrandtplein.

Photo Via: Amsterdam Restaurants

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  1. It would want information on restaurants in Curacao and Holland that offer a called plate RISTAFEL, not if this correctly written.

    Commentary by the Furnace of Pole
    13-01-2009 @ 4:00 a.m.

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