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The Concertgebouw, name that means Palace of Concerts, is one of the most famous rooms of the world. And mainly is known it thanks to its excellent acoustics, that, according to many experts, reaches an insurmountable quality level by which it has been constructed until today.

But not only the associated cultural character to the building is what it gives prestige him and attracts the attention of the visitors. It is also the incredible beauty and the special magic identify that it. One is an immense architectonic monument of severe but elegant lines, constructed in the outskirts, surrounded of ample green spaces that do not seem to belong to the same world that anxious and noisy Amsterdam.

Adolf Leonard van Gendt was the architect in charge to delineate the project of the Concertgebouw. It was inspired by the Neue Gewandhaus de Leipzig, that several years later was destroyed by the attacks brought about during World War II, in 1943.

At the time, the chosen land to build the Concertgebouw was beyond the limits of the city, in an almost desert pasture. In 1883 the works began to erect to the great monument that it tried to be referring an undisputed one of music in Holland, an objective that was obtained fully.

As far as the utility of its infrastructure we can say that the Grote Zaal, the main audience, and the Kleine Zaal, or small room, receive annually to more than 840 thousand people, which positions more to the building like the concurred theater worldwide.

And it is that from pieces of jazz to the most famous orchestras they evolve in his scene. For Christmas, by the way, the celebration of a special concert is had predicted, that this year will count on the direction of Mariss Jansons and the unmistakable voice of the mezzo-soprano Elina Garanca.

Practical information

  • Address: 2-6 Concertgebouwplein 1071 LN
  • How to arrive: in street car, lines 2, 3, 5, 12,16; in bus, lines 63, 145, 147 and 170.
  • Reserves: trips to Amsterdam
  • Information on routes by Amsterdam

Photo Via: To visit Amsterdam

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