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XtraCold Ice Amsterdam Coffee is the complete name of a pioneer in its type. More than 60,000 kg of ice they compose the walls, the floor, the bar, the glasses and the magnificent sculptures that are part of the ice bar of the Dutch capital, one of the few in operation anywhere in the world.

The particularitities are many that invisten to XtraCold of I pull ahead special. Without doubts, the material that it is made and thematic main of all their style is of in case a remarkable fact. The 7 degrees below cero of the atmosphere, prote'ge' hermetically against the climate of the outside, are sufficient reason so that the guests must enter with jacket, gloves and boots that are provided by the bar.

It is not possible to remain in the interior for more than 20 minutes, during which it is possible to be rested in the seats covered with skin, to be admired the human ice figures carved and to enjoy a strong drink that gives calidez to the demurrage. The entrance to the bar is of 15 Euros and covers the cost with a drink.

How there was advance, other aspects do of this place something very special. Located in front of the municipal audience Muziektheater, from the street one could never swear that it is a conventional site, elegant without doubts but of the characteristics identify that it. Of baroque style and without ostentations, a poster indicates that Bar is in fact the XtraCold Ice.

In addition, a camera allows to observe the interior of the ice enclosure. From outside, who dare to enter will be able to examine to those who already are there, surrounded in shelters and with a heavy transparent glass in hand.

Special proposals for numerous groups exist. For example, from the 20 people, it is possible to ask that the bar abra outside the habitual schedules. In the case of being 10 people, it is possible even to be contracted to a service of buffet with snacks or subjects of gossip of the menu.

Practical information

  • Address: Amstel 194-196
  • Email:
  • Schedules: of Sundays to Thursday, 14,00 to 00,00 hs. ; Friday and Saturdays, until the 03,00 hs.
  • Entrance: 15 Euros. It covers the cost with a consumption.
  • Page Web:

Photo Via: Flickr

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    Commentary by tammy
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