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The Dutch capital, city that not to duer and that never stops to me surprising, it offers numerous possibilities to enjoy her without having to invest not one cent. We know some proposals interesting, and to have them in account although the pockets they do not flaqueen!

City Hall abre to its doors every Wednesday and takes place in its interior a wonderful evening. Concerts in charge of famous orchestras, like the Real Orchestra of Concertgebouw, delight to their public with most exquisite classic music. 12:30 p.m. to 1 of the dawn, all Amsterdam can enjoy with the talent of the musicians, without needing worrying about the cost.

Between the months of October and June, the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam offers this fantastic possibility of approaching famous pieces of the most remarkable composers of the world, within the framework of the Great Hall - or Grote Zaal- or of the Hall Recitales - Kleine Zaal-, true architectonic wonders.

But this one is not the unique option that you then have almost all the hotels in Amsterdam offer the possibility you of realizing different activities. One of them, and outdoors, also absolutely gratuitous one, is the one to embark in a ferry to sail by river IJ. This water obstacle unites the center of Amsterdam with its northern sector, the oldest part of the port. One is a bay of the old Zuiderzee, present IJsselmeer lake, that is conjugated with urban engineering to give rise to a typical postcard and of great beauty.

The Java Ferry can lead to us towards the north of the island of the same name, one of recently the open pies Dutch attractions. Its modern architecture obtains an instantaneous element of surprise to the eyes of those who visit this place, and their forms manage to draw unexpected lines in the horizon.

The same ferry also usually starts off in the direction of other islands, like KNSM, Sporenburg and Borneo. These destinies little constitute a well-known side of the region, but highly recommendable for those who they enjoy a relajante stroll by waters of Holland.

Photo Via: Koorplatform

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