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Stock market of Berlage, Amsterdam, events

A characteristic of Holland that can be very surprising is the great amount of terrain taken to the water on which one walks at least without suspecting it. These spaces constitute part of the continent today, and the life that is developed already in its surface seems to have forgotten that sometimes those lands were under the river.

So it is the case of stock-market of Berlage, a located magnificent building in the heart of Amsterdam, between the Place Dam and the Central station. It was designed by Hendrik Petrus Berlage between 1898 and 1903, by express order of the municipality and with the purpose of to lodge in his interior to stock-market of Amsterdam. And there where one rises majestic, it is impossible to think that they berthed boats some decades ago.

Due to the spread of the operations that were realized in the building - commerce of values, currency, cereals, merchandize, etc. -, stock-market of Berlage did not take in turning out insufficient to fulfill its mission. In 1912, great part of the activity was relocated in the Stock Exchange Building, where they work at present. Finally, for 1998 the commerce in Berlage stopped totally.

But this would not mean the abandonment of the building. Already from 1987, numerous congresses, exhibitions and concerts had even begun to be developed in their interior, there and more and more they rented it to people to organize all luck of particular events, from business meetings to glad celebrations. It takes advantage of some from your flights to Amsterdam and you do not stop visiting this building.

The main hall Berlage is the scene of an ample fan of special occasions, and its architecture is in captivating truth. To 22 meters of height the arcs golden against the glass panels unfold, who shine majestically. In 2002, their walls were witnesses of the civil wedding of prince Guillermo and princess Maxima, which gives to an idea of the great prestige del us that enjoys the building.

Practical information

  • Address: Damrak 277, 1012 ZJ Amsterdam
  • Telephone: +31 (0) 20-5304141

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