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Real palace Amsterdam

Symbol unmistakable of the Dam Place, in center of the Dutch capital, the Koninklijk Paleis, or Real Palace, is one of the most lavish buildings of the city. Their history and its cultural importance make of him a forced visit of the route by Amsterdam.

The building that today shelters one of the main dependancies of a Dutch real family, was constructed for different aims. Between 1648 and 1655, this magnificent construction rose so that the City council of Amsterdam worked in its interior. How it is logical, it was at the time the greatest city council of all Europe.

In 1808, nevertheless, Luis Napoleón decided that one would be its Real Palace, and since then such statute has not changed. The clear style and without many ornamentations that the facade characterizes contrasts with its interior, that offers an pleasant surprise. It is entered him by one of the seven small arches that it owns, and that represent the egalitarian access from the town the city council.

Rembrandt and Ferdinand Bowl, between many other painters of great reputation, were the ones in charge to entirely heighten the beauty of the halls the abundant marble palace, constituted and in fine decorations.

The Burgerzaal, or Room of the Citizens, is one of greatest of the Koninklijk Paleis, and it stands out by his important historical stamp: there the citizens of Amsterdam met to debate about the subjects public who were in fashion.

Inner Real Palace, Amsterdam

The ground of this room represents the hemispheres Eastern and western, as symbol of the colonial influence of Holland. In the ceiling, it is possible to admire the celestial constellations according to the perspective of the North hemisphere. The fronton is work of the flamenco sculptor Artus Quellin, and shows fabulous marine scenes that seem to acquire movement on the walls.

The guided visits of the palace accompany their guests to cross the most beautiful sites and historically rich of the ostentatious building, that does not stop admiring whichever tourist enters him.

Practical information

  • Address: Dam, Amsterdam.
  • Entrance: adults, 4,50 Euros; children of 6 to 16 years, 3,60 Euros.
  • Days abierto to the public: Wednesday and Sundays.
  • Schedules of the guided visits: Wednesday and Sundays, to 14,00 hs.
  • During the months of summer, tour is also realized in English.

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