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Muiderslot, castle of muiden, Amsterdam

Muiderslot, in Muiden.

Muiden is a city of the province of Holland of the North, famous by the great defensive constructions that lodge. The monuments are really impressive that can be observed there, and that date from different centuries from the past millenium. A trip to Muiden is a trip to the history of Holland: we see whereupon we were there.

The Muiderslot, or Castle of Muider, to 21 kilometers of the Dutch capital, is the main attraction of Muiden. One is a construction founded by Floris V, in 1280, that still today is conserved in an admirable state.

The interior of the castle is a gorgeous sample of the decorative style of century XVII, when he was lived by poet P.C. Hooft, one of most famous of Holland. The way of life of the Century of Gold is present in the pictures that hang of the walls of the residence.

As of year 1880, Muiden was a strategically important point of defense of the city of Amsterdam. From that time it dates the Stelling call go Amsterdam, or strength of Amsterdam.

Pampus, Muiden, Amsterdam

Pampus, artificial island of defense.

Constructed during a period of 40 years, that culminated in 1920, the total number of constructions rises to 42, and they distribute throughout 135 kilometers, forming a protective obstacle. Like many of the constructions of this style, the defense mechanism consisted of flooding the surrounding zone to the strength in case of enemy threat.

The visited zone more of the complex is Pampus, a fort erected on the artificial island of the same name. Its intention was the one to defend the mouth of the Ij river, but after the construction of the dock that turned to the Zuiderzee into a lake, it lost his original function, and today it comprises of the Patrimony of the humanity of UNESCO. Guided visits are realized that include interesting stories about the past of the island, and is possible to accede to the underground corridors of this magnificent scene of history.

Practical information on the Muiderslot

  • Schedules: every day from 10,00 to 17,00 hs. and the 17,00 week ends from 13,00 to hs.

Practical information on Pampus

  • How to arrive: in boat from the port of Muiden.
  • Schedules of exit: Tuesday and Sundays, to 10,30 and 16,30 hs.
  • Duration of the trip: 20 minutes.

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